What is expanded polystyrene?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is commonly known as styrofoam.. It is technically known as EPS and it is one of the largest waste materials produced in fish factories, construction or moulding companies throughout the world.

There is a wide variety of application due its excellent set of propoerties including good thermal, good damping and bing extremely light in weight: From packaging to construction and trasportation, expanded polystyrene has a wide range of end use applications. 

Expanded polystyrene is identified by number 6 and has a multitude of different names in different countries.

For example: Porexpan, Corcho blanco, Telgopor, Icopor, Plastofor, Esterofón, Styrofoam, Plumavit, Poliespuma, Plumafón, Espumaflex, Durapax, Isopor, Poroplás, Unicel, Duroport, Corchopán, Esferovite, foam, Fon, Anime, Flamingo, PSE, …

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Due to the generalised confusion caused by so many names, the Association of European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene, EUMEPS, has decided to call it ‘Airpop’.

EPS composition

Expanded polystyrene is a material derived from petrolium, and is characterised by being a rigid and closed cell plastic material.

It is manufactured in teh shape of beads with a pentane gas nucleous. These beads will increase its volume and fill the mould when heat is applied. 

EPS applications

One of the most important applications of EPS is that which refers to the food industry, such as fish distribution, with which Traxpo works extensively with.

The possiblity of bieng included in these industrial processes is due to the one of hte most important characteritics of this material: Its hygiene. EPS does not consittue any nutritive substrate for microorganis and it do not rot or create mold. 

On the other hand, It is an excellent thermal insulator, which is the reason why EPS is widely used in the field of construction: both as a lightener and as an insulation. It can be therefore used on floors, roofs as well as facades. 

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Traxpo is rated as one of the most important companies in the world with regard to recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste.

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