What should be done with the EPS waste?

We buy expanded polyestyrene waste from our collaboratos around the world on a daily basis, being dedicated exclussively to recycle it. So if you regularly generate EPS waste, we can help you with the process of managing it.

In case you are interested on a collaboration with us and valuing your waste, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will require some information such as the quality level and amounts generated. The deails we must know to be able to assit you are the following: 


  • Color
  • Origin: Post industrial or post consumer
  • Quality: Electrical packaging, fish box, construction
  • Quantity: Weight per load/pallet and monthly production .
  • Photos of the lot, both detailed and as a whole.
  • Expected contamination: PU, concrete, wood, metal, cardboard…

With this information, a Traxpo executive will contact you with a purchase offer taking into account the specifications of the material and the evolution of the polystyrene market in current times.


EPS is a challenging kind of waste to manage due to its low density. This can result on an increase of transport cost and in addition, there are many landfills that do not accept this material anymore.

In order to manage EPS waste properly, we need to compact it in densities greater than 200kg/m3 so that it can be suitable for transport. Therefore, once the density increases, the value becames a reality. 

EPS cold compactors
Melting Densifier
Improvement in warehousing and distribution

We recommend using one of these two kinds of densifiers

  • EPS cold compactors: Reach densities up to 200-500kg/m3. This is the most common kind of compactor among Traxpo's collaborators. .
  • Melting Densifier: Available through processes of extrusion, electrical resistance and ifrared. They are usually slower and require more energy consumption. They have an ability to reduce better weight/volume ration, up to 90:1

We care for the environment

The management of expanded polystyrene helps reduce the enormous impact by volume caused by the release of this material

We work with the main suppliers of EPS compactors

We provide free technical support for choosing the best compacting solution in order to fit your company's needs. 

In the case of not having enough volume to justify the needed investment for the compacting process of your EPS waste, we can provide a list of our closest waste mangement companies with compactors that accept this material. 

 Once  compacted, the material is then placed on pallets and wrapped in film so that i can be safely transported by truck or container to our processing facilities. 

Upon arribal at Traxpo, the material is weighted with a scale and certified by th Ministry of Industry. Then, payment is made according to the conditions which had previously been negotated with the client. 

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