Traxpo, at the forefront of polystyrene recycling

Traxpo is one of the world's largest industrial recyclers specialising in the recycling and revaluation of expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Our job is to reprocess EPS waste so that it can be used again.

Recycling of expanded polystyrene (EPS

On a daily basis, Traxpo purchases expanded polystyrene from its collaborators to then recycle it.

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Why is it important to recycle expanded polystyrene (EPS)?

Traxpo processes this waste to create polystyrene polymers that are then used as the basis for its future reuse.

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Sale of GPPS

Traxpo sells GPPS (or general purpose polystyrene) through its long term agreements with companies that use it to create new products with less environmental impact.

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We buy your polystyrene to recycle it

Traxpo offers a waste management and valorisation service for expanded polystyrene waste produced during commercial and industrial activities. We work at your side throughout the entire analysis and decision making process to ensure that the largest amount possible of this plastic ends up being recycled.



Joint work

We work jointly with companies and institutions that need to manage their expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste correctly.


We encourage and reward recycling

We pay the generator of the waste to encourage and reward greater recycling in the future. Thus, our policy helps us to convince more companies to recycle.


A second life

We process the material and give it a second life. This means that we recover thousands of tonnes of EPS every year that would have gone to landfills.

Our clients’ opinions

Traxpo is centred on providing the very best service to our clients and providers. Honesty, transparency, availability and professionalism are our identifying traits.
An expert young team is at your service to work with you throughout the entire process. Hundreds of companies trust and believe in us and recommend us.

About us


Traxpo is one of the major industrial recyclers in Europe specialized on the valorization of expanded polystyrene waste. It recycles EPS waste from fish processors, EPS molders and waste management companies from all over the world. Afterwards, due to long term agreements with end users we return this plastic to the economy as a raw material. Traxpo is proud to be part of the institutional effort toward a cycle economy as an opposite to a throw away economy. Traxpo has a staff committed with the project, experts on international trade and waste management ready to solve your doubts. We offer free technical support in order to improve their recyclycability and minimize the amount of EPS waste going to the landfill or incineration.

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In cooperation with

At Traxpo, we get involved with associations, seeking greater process optimisation, fulfilment of 100% of all regulations and always looking for the best solutions to be environmentally friendly.


Especialistas en el reciclaje industrial de poliestireno expandido. Valorice sus residuos de EPS con nosotros.